Welcome Bishop Hawkins Mugaya

On Thursday of last week, Bishop Hawkins Mugaya arrived in Wisconsin.  He will be attending the North Central Conference Annual Meeting and visiting some of the churches.  Sherry and I have the privilege to be his host during his time with us.  We are learning so much about Kenya and the ministry there along with the great needs.  The Bishop has tried Wisconsin Cheese Curds and likes them, gone on a mountain hike and visited a few sites in Madison including one of the lakes.

Here are two important needs:

Spring of Hope Bible College campus building completion: currently there is one small building completed that is used for teaching, sleeping (on the floor with mats) and prayer room. This building was originally built to house guess teachers, however, until the other buildings can be built, they are using it for this purpose. They need funds donated along with work teams to help build the rest of the campus.  Please pray for this great need. We will be assisting with the college ministry when we arrive in Kenya after Partnership Funding is raised.

Kenya Free Methodist Central Office: currently there is very little space and old antiquated equipment to use as the headquarters for the Kenya Free Methodist Church.  A plan has been constructed to build new building for purposes of ministry as well as a source of income to help support the ministry.  They need to raise financial support along with work teams to help build the ministry center.


If you would like more information please feel free to contact us.

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