Meet Evans – From Despair to Hope

Meet Evans a ministerial student in Kenya with Spring of Hope Bible School. – Raised in a single parent home, Evans spent part of his life grappling in darkness.  Evans lived in a slum. Confronted with all the challenges of living there, and seeking a way to fit into the crowd, he started drinking and attending parties.  But Evans found these things did not give him the “peace I knew was possible in life”.  Not really understanding what he was searching for, one day Evans ended up at a church where ex-drug addicts attended. He noticed they were singing praises to God. This seemed strange but Evans knew finally he found what he had been searching for all his life  “When I reached out for my Christian friends, I discovered the help I desperately needed to change my entire life.”  As Evans battled back and forth with the Christian faith for some time, he recalls, “I didn’t know where to find Jesus, but in the midst of everything he found me.”  Evans attended a seminar at the Free Methodist Church in Eldoret for Sunday School teachers.  An alter call was given at the end of the service and an invitation to accept Christ.  Evans remembers thinking, “All I could think was that I didn’t know what I was doing, but this is what I had been looking for my whole life.”  Then he found himself inviting Christ into his life and “tears rolled down my cheeks–Tears of Joy!”

Evans goes on to tell his story of his Christian friends encouraging him at the church. A bit later on Evans attended a youth camp, where he was encouraged by the Bishop at that time. “A 180 degrees turn from my life after missing the mark. I had no hope in life–now delivered from despair as a result of spiritual birth, hence a turn-around to my life.” He resounded says, “Thanks be to God Almighty!”

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