Journey’s with the Bishop

Hearing the stories of life and ministry in Kenya is very exciting and enlightening.  I asked Bishop Hawkins Mugaya if he would share stories from his ministry and journey through out Kenya with the Kenyan Free Methodist Church and how God is working.  Below is the first installment of Journey’s with the Bishop.

My visit to Free Methodist Churches in Turkana North part of Kenya in August 2016.

Since I was born I have been hearing of the Northern part of Kenya that is so dry and insecure. One month ago through the initiative of brother Ken Myers I took my first trip to visit our Free Methodist churches as a Bishop.  Thanks to Bro Ken who organized for me to travel with him on plane to Turkana.  The rest was a nightmare to me. On arrival at Turkana airstrip we had to board a motorcycle to the next stage to board matatu (public transport car) to Kakuma.  From Turkana to Kakuma it took us eight hours for a distance less than a hundred kilometers.  The road is in bad shape and the place is dry and rocky.

On arrival at Kakuma we spent a night in a so called guest house, however, since we were tired the gracious Lord gave us some sleep without dinner as we had no place to buy one since the shops and restaurants were closed by the time we arrived. In the morning we were joined with the local pastor who took us to the camps. We first visited our Sudanese Free Methodist Church and later the Congoless Refugee Free Methodist Church.  The members received us well and we had time to minister and pray with them.  Ken Myer had a seminar in the Congoless Free Methodist Church and later we had a meeting with the leaders.

On Sunday we started our day early doing a baptismal that Ken Myer and parish leader Namaswa participated. I had opportunity to preach in the main service at Kakuma with worship of over 280 worshippers and was thrived with the choir and the passion of the people to worship and serve the Lord. The church was in bad shape. Nylon papers being used as shade and when it rains then there is nowhere to cover oneself.  The members had mobilized the little resource they had to buy the church plot and a temporal structure to worship in. (see photo). After church service on Sunday we had to board a bus back to Turkana. We hired a taxi to take us to Turkana town church where we were received with our church members who fed us and accommodated us for a night.  The following morning, we had fellowship with them before hiring a taxi to take us to the next church visit about sixty kilometers away and since the road network was so bad it took us six hours. Despite the condition and hardships, the members did not portray this they received us with joy and we could see the love of the Lord in them. The next day we travelled back to Turkana town, spent a night in a guest house and travelled back to Nairobi.  What a ministry.

I thank the Lord for this experience that has made me to have a hurt for our churches in Turkana and pray for its expansion. Pray with me for provision of funds to construct churches in the three plots we have in Turkana area two of which have been donated with church members and one which the members contributed to buy.  It shall be a good testimony for the community and the people of Turkana if we could help them put up a church.  Some are worshipping under a tree despite the donation of the land that they are struggling for a miracle to have a church built. Water and schools is another nightmare.  Pray for the Lord’s provision for wells and schools and clinics for these areas. Stand with me in prayer and in support of the Free Methodist work in Turkana County.

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