Journey with the Bishop Mugaya

We continue with our Journey with Bishop Hawkins Mugaya.  Here he shares from his ministry during the month of September 2016 with the Free Methodist Church of Kenya.

During the month of September, I had so many travels around the country to give oversight on the ministry work. There have been some blessings, challenges and prayer requests that l will be sharing with you in my story. I can term this month as the month of many travels and meetings. I was able to cover over 5000 kilometers in less than a month. In the meetings, especially of the executive committee of highlands conference and Trans African conference, I was able to get in touch with the pastors and hear their reports. I was moved by the passion of our pastors to serve without pay hence many were to do tent making to get a meal on the table and other family needs.

In one parish, which is in the part of the Coast of Kenya many people were starving. The Local pastor has struggled to raise funds for food and the situation is worsening. The government is trying to come hand in hand but the need is too much. In today’s daily nation on food security Monday October 17, 2016 daily nation Lucy Mkanyika writes that 44,000-need food in Taita –Taveta. This is as a result of failure of short and long rains. This is not different from other parts of the country. There was also aspect on many churches struggling in putting up buildings for church worship and many have been able to put up temporal buildings with no roof. However, I was impressed that despite the challenges the pastors are on task.

In the ICCM meeting I was impressed that as from next year we shall be starting our first boy school. This though a blessing is also a challenge to the girls that are looking forward to having one of their own. We are glad to all the sponsor of this noble task the Lord bless them. I also managed to attend graduation ceremony of our Bible school. It was a challenging moment for all of us to look back at our calling and serve the Lord faithfully.

The bible school committee looks forward in expanding the programs with paused challenge of equipment’s, facilities and finances, but we are optimistic that with the Lord we shall be able to make it. Generally, you will realize that the needs are many and big but we have a big God and this has been my assurance to all the places I have travelled to and seen big Needs that the bishop cannot provide but the Lord is faithful to do so.

We have put strategies in place to help us be on the course the coming year. This shall have to be ratified in the coming annual conferences in the Month of November. I am blessed to having gotten this chance to serve with the Free Methodist Church of Kenya as their leader.

Prayer Requests:

  • Prayer items pray that the Lord may make a way for the churches struggling to roof their buildings.
  • Pray for the Bible school committee to be able to achieve its goals of expanding the program.
  • Pray that we get the best Director who will be able to move this bible college to higher heights as we look forward to have Thom and Sherry come and work along with us early next year.


  • In Central rift district, I was impressed that the youth are organizing themselves to raise ksh 200,000 (2000 dollars) to purchase musical instruments for the district, you can imagine the need at the local level. Each young person is raising 10 dollars which will enable them to have 600 dollars as they are 60 youth and will invite friends in the contribution to try and realize the goals. As I visited and they were explaining I just felt as if I could be having the funds and just say the Lord has heard your prayers here are the instruments. But I still believe that everything is possible before the Lord.
  • The highlands conference this year has ensured that each of its four districts have planted a church and I was glad in their meeting to get a report of the realization of this goal.

Let me end here by sparing more sharing for the month of October. Having said that this has been a month that my wife has been down with illness but thank the Lord that she is improving.

Edited by Thom Cahill

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