Light and Life

oasis12-2016As I sit at my favorite coffee shop, Oasis Café, sipping my coffee, I look at the fire place and Christmas tree and listen to Christmas music and contemplate.  Contemplation can be dangerous at times for me and maybe you, but today it is healthy.  I think of our Lord, Jesus Christ, whom we celebrate in a special way during this time and season.   I look at the light of the fire and white lights on the Christmas tree and think of the light brought into darkness for all humanity.  I think of purity which fire provides and the white of the lights represents.  A light and fire that can purify the heart and soul of humanity, bringing new and eternal life.  The tradition of the evergreen Christmas tree represents just that, eternal, everlasting life.  Today, the light of Christ continues to seek out and penetrate the darkness of this world to give new life to each one of us.  There are some who have never seen or accepted the light and life of Christ, but it is there for them just with the asking and acceptance.  It is also there continually for those who have accepted.  You see it never ends, and as we, believers in the light and life, become tired, worn, maybe even discouraged with the issues of life, we can always rely on the light and life of Jesus Christ.  So, this Christmas, as you look at the fire place and Christmas tree with the lights on it, remember, no matter how we feel, the reality is, Jesus Christ, has come, and continues to be, the light and life for all humanity in all seasons of life.

Merry Christmas

Thom and Sherry Cahill

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