Journey with Bishop Hawkins Mugaya


November to December 2016

These two month have been so busy for me. There were two important functions that took place, those being two annual conferences were held. First, Let me begin by sharing about the Highlands conference that was held in Mombasa from 22nd through 26th November 2016.  The conference gave an opportunity to reflect on what had happened within the year and come up with way forward for the coming year.  Second, the same opportunity took place with the Trans African conference that was held in Kaimosi in Western Kenya from 30th November, 2016 to 4th December 2016.  In both conferences delegates to the general conference were elected.   I also had opportunity to attend Spring of Hope Bible School committee meeting and the high school that is opening on 10th January 2017. We thank the Lord for ICCM for the great effort to see to it that this dream comes to reality.  We are excited to see this school opening doors and growing to higher heights.  Briefly I may say that the two months have been of travelling but I am thankful to the Lord for travelling mercies, provision and protection.  Our theme for the year 2017 is embracing the great commission by being witnesses Act1:8.  It is our prayer that the Lord shall enable us to reach out to many and witness to them.

Prayer items:

  1. Pray that all our church members shall embrace our theme and put it into practice and impact more people to Christ
  2. Pray for our church, church members and our country during this election year that the will of God may prevail and that the right leaders be elected.
  3. Pray for the anticipated general conference
  4. Pray for the leadership of the Church for wisdom and guidance of the Lord.
  5. Pray for provision for funds to run our programs during this year 2017 that is administrative fund, Bible school, pastors retreat among others
  6. Pray for the High school to pick up well and for ICCM as they seek the funding to complete the construction and funds for running the school
  7. Pray for our missionaries’ that the Lord may provide for them as they partner with us.
  8. Pray with me on the burden I have on putting up ministry center at Karen.

Written by Bishop Hawkins Mugaya
Edited By Thom Cahill

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