Our First Month

It has been almost a month since our arrival in Kenya. It has been a time of adjustments, learning, and enjoying the people and culture of Kenya.  Here’s some of our experiences:

  • We had the opportunity in our first week to meet 28 students and the school board. We enjoyed speaking to the students in chapel and hearing some of their stories. We also enjoyed listening to the board and their heart to help the students grow and the school to move forward for God’s Kingdom
  • We had our first experience worshiping at a local church. They love to sing worship to God and spend a lot of time singing, what a blessing to participate even though we do not know Swahili, but we tried as we followed along in the Swahili Hymnal.  After worship, the make a line and as people come out of the church the shake hands while singing.
  • We have enjoyed shopping at the market stands on the road. We spend time walking down the main road and by fruit and vegetables from the local stands. We have gone to the local stores as well to pick up other items, but enjoy connecting with those at the stands.
  • We have experienced local transportation like: the bus rides (coaches) from Eldoret to Nairobi and back (7 hours one way), bus (smaller), and Matatu’s (minivan like) all full, shoulder to shoulder, and taxi’s.
  • When you are driving down the road (riding in our case) you need to watch out for: cattle, goats, sheep, and other animals crossing the road, other people walking across the road, other cars that will pass on both sides, and especially the “bumps” these are not your normal small bumps, they are very large “speed bumps” that are on the roads everywhere to help slow traffic.
  • Finally, At the end of this month Sherry and I will travel to Samburu, Kenya from May 26 – 28. We will help with the distribution of food to one of the very hard hit areas of drought and in need of food supply’s. Samburu is also the type area that most people think of Africa, and I have been told used in one of the Survivor Shows. They tell us Elephants are in that area in the wild, and we may see them depending on where they are at the time we arrive. Pray for those in East Africa and Kenya hit hard by the drought and for the opportunity we have to be the hands and feet of Jesus in meeting physical needs and hopefully the opportunity to meet spiritual needs as well.

Thank you for your continued Prayers and Financial Support. We are currently 88% raised for the first year with 12 % committed. Our second year we have 0% raised and 17% Committed. Please pray for the Lord to bring along other financial partners for our ministry.

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