Meet Pastor Jared, family and Langas Church in Kenya, Africa

On Sunday, May 14, Sherry and I had to opportunity to visit Langas Free Methodist Church.  Pastor Jared told us not to worry he will make sure we can find our way and he will pick us up.  He arrives and walk’s through the gate area, we greet him and he say’s, “I have your transportation.” We proceed through the iron gates and see two motorcycles (boda boda). She looks at me and say’s, “is that our ride?” I said, “looks like it, hope on” (you should have seen Sherry’s face, she had never been on a motorcycle before). We hopped on and rode down the road and through town.  Sherry and I are on the same boda boda. I am at the back holding myself on with one hand and my bible in the other.  I was preaching at Pastor Jared’s Church.  I am sure we were a sight to those in the crowded town roads as we rode through.

We enjoyed our time with Pastor Jared and his wonderful congregation. The church was started in 2010.  They have had to relocated a few times in the Langas area since they rent facilities and sometimes the rent is raised where they have to make a change due to cost.  Purchasing a plot of land is very expensive in the Langas/Eldoret area, but they are confident God will bless them where ever they hold their services.  On Saturday May, 20th we visited with Pastor Jared and family at their home.  It was a lovely time.  You will notice a cow (ng’ombe) in one of the pictures below, that was from International Child Care Ministries a few years ago.  It has provided, in a number of ways, for his family. Please pray for Pastor Jared, Marian and their children that God will watch over them and continue to guide them as they lead their church. Pastor Jared also serves as the Parish Leader  were he guides and mentors 4 other churches with their respective pastors in the Eldoret Area.  Pray for the Langas church as they reach out to their community to minister and share the Gospel of Jesus Christ to people in great need.

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