Pray for Our Travel and Ministry this week.


Our travel schedule this week:
May 25 – fly to Nairobi – Meet up with Tumaini (Hope) Women of Kenya NGO group.
May 26 – Travel to Samburu to distribute sustainable food to very hard hit area of drought.
May 27 – Continue to Outreach in Samburu then travel to Meru after.
May 28 – Attend FMCKenya church in Meru – Then travel back to Nairobi.
May 29-30 – Thom will finish grading final assignments for NBC online class (Doing
Church as Mission) and set up NBC online class starting on 6th (Global Evangelism).
May 31 – Kibera FM Primary school with Mike and Vickie Reynen, Dr. Brown and Prayer Team visiting school, then breaking into small groups to visit homes of church members/children for time of prayer. (Kibera is considered the largest urban slum in Africa.
May 31- June 3 – Travel to Massi Lodge for Missionary Retreat with Dr. Brown as guest speaker (we will also enjoy partnering the Prayer Team traveling with Dr. Brown).
June 4 – travel back to Eldoret.

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