Pray for Our Travel and Ministry this week.


Our travel schedule this week:
May 25 – fly to Nairobi – Meet up with Tumaini (Hope) Women of Kenya NGO group.
May 26 – Travel to Samburu to distribute sustainable food to very hard hit area of drought.
May 27 – Continue to Outreach in Samburu then travel to Meru after.
May 28 – Attend FMCKenya church in Meru – Then travel back to Nairobi.
May 29-30 – Thom will finish grading final assignments for NBC online class (Doing
Church as Mission) and set up NBC online class starting on 6th (Global Evangelism).
May 31 – Kibera FM Primary school with Mike and Vickie Reynen, Dr. Brown and Prayer Team visiting school, then breaking into small groups to visit homes of church members/children for time of prayer. (Kibera is considered the largest urban slum in Africa.
May 31- June 3 – Travel to Massi Lodge for Missionary Retreat with Dr. Brown as guest speaker (we will also enjoy partnering the Prayer Team traveling with Dr. Brown).
June 4 – travel back to Eldoret.

Published by tscahilljr

Thom and Sherry are missionaries with the Free Methodist Church USA. We serve in Africa working in the area of leadership and discipleship ministries.

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