God’s Grace in Ministry

During the month of August, Sherry and I had the opportunity to travel to a small village called Kaimosi and spent 5 days. On the second day, we walked the village and prayed for families of the Free Methodist Church. We learned that this was the very first Free Methodist Church in Kenya. It was originally under another small Holiness church but the leader was retiring and returning back to England. It was learned that the leader had been supported by a number of UK Free Methodist Churches so the Bishop of the Free Methodist Church of Burundi came over and visited with the church leaders and members. After a night of prayer, the majority of the members and leaders decided to join the Free Methodist Church. Current Highlands Conference Superintendent Martin Anami was part of the membership at that time. His father was the pastor of the church. During the next 2 days, we taught a seminar on marriage and family, along with a session on leadership. On the final day (Sunday) we worshiped with the church. This Sunday was Harvest Sunday where members brought a tenth of their harvest to the church.  Sherry was asked to give words of encouragement and pray for the harvest and harvesters.  Thom preached with five people rededicating their relationship with Christ.

The following two weeks (August 13 – 25) the Springs of Hope Bible School held its modular program. With the elections results given, some students were unable to make the trip to the school due to some violence in a few cities. However, we are thankful that 15 students in the Deacon program and 3 students in the Elder’s program were able to travel and take classes. Thom taught one course for the Deacon program being The Pentateuch and one course for the Elder’s program being Pauline Epistles. Sherry worked in organizing the library. She cataloged and entered into the computer over 1500 books. She also is serving as the registrar for the school. She is working with Thom on creating and organizing transcripts, handbooks, and constitution.

On the third Sunday, we traveled to Bondeni where we enjoyed the worship service with specials from the children and youth along with a wonderful meal following the service. Thom preached the message.

The final Sunday we traveled to Kitale and enjoyed our time with the church. We attended two worship services with a walk in between to property the church is wanting to buy. Thom preached in both services and also was asked to pray for the church and property. Afterward, we enjoyed a meal with the pastor, his wife, and assistant pastor, followed by a short visit in the pastors home with his family.






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