Being Thankful

What are you thankful for today?  I have been thinking of this since I preached a sermon three weeks ago on blessings from God.  Many times, we only think of the big-ticket items to be thankful to God for in our lives.  Yet, God blesses us each and every day with the “simple” things we take for granted and neglect to thank God and recognize them as blessings from Him.  So, what might be some of these types of blessings for you.  Last night I thought about this as I tried to go to sleep and then woke up with the thoughts running through my mind.

I am thankful for all these and many more blessings as I would not be who and where I am today without you in my life.:

  • For God – maker of heaven and earth and all that is in it through the Father -who I see through creation every day, personal through Jesus Christ – who came to earth, lived and experienced all that humanity experiences, provides salvation through the cross and resurrection, and intercedes for me each day, and continuous through the Holy Spirit who provides wisdom, strength, counsel, guidance, protection, and much more each day even when I do not recognize or see it.
  • For waking up each morning
  • For my father – Tom Cahill Sr. and mother – Verna Lee Milliken (with the Lord now) – your patience, love, and continual prayers and care are part of me in so many ways today.
  • For my wife – Sherry Lynn Irwin Cahill – who changed my world from the day I saw here and is my friend and love each and every day.
  • For my Children – Jon, Katelyn, and James Cahill – who are so precious, loving, and compassionate. They have grown into wonderful adults – I would not trade them for the world.
  • For my daughter’s in law, Jocelyn Frederick Cahill, and Michelle Clough Cahill – you two bring a smile to my face every time I see and talk to you with your love and compassion you have for life.
  • For my sisters – Lori, Melinda, and Wendy – for your love and care for me from childhood forward.
  • For all my relatives and friends in my life from childhood to adulthood, throughout the world, you to have made me who I am through your kindness, and encouragement, and I am a stronger, more blessed person because of your friendship.
  • For all the people who I have had the pleasure to pastor and students I have taught – whether good experiences (for many) or bad (there’s always a few) thank you.
  • For all my teachers from childhood to yes even today – the time and knowledge you have invested in me, without your guidance and teachings I would not be where I am today. Your patience with me, allowing me to learn, bit by bit, finally clicked somewhere in life.
  • For all those who pray for me – your prayers comfort and protect me even when I do not see or realize it – thank you for being faithful in prayer.

It’s the “Simple” Blessings in Life that make me Thankful

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone









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