Trip to Tanzania

On Saturday, April 29th, we had the opportunity to travel to Tanzania, Africa where Mike Reynen (Africa Area Director FMWM-FMCUSA), Sherry and I (Thom) meet with some of the leaders for the Tanzania National District in Mwanza, then joined them in worship Sunday, April 29th. However, Sherry and my luggage did not arrive with us.  After we traveled to Geita where a new Bible School is being built. FB_IMG_1525757935580.jpg

Monday, April 30th we joined in a welcome service from the churches in the Geita district at the Bible School. It was a joyful time as different churches provided “dancing choir’s” in worshiping the Lord.  We were presented with cloth gifts and a goat. The cloth gifts where used to make the men shirts and the women dress that were matching.

Tuesdays, May 1st, Sherry traveled with District Pastor Conrad and a few others back to Mwanza, about three and a half h0ur drive one way, to retrieve our luggage that finally arrived.  I was thankful for my shirt was on its third day of use.  Rev. Mike Reynen held a Village Church Planting (VCP) seminar for those pastors involved in this ministry.  I was invited to share the devotional.

Wednesday, May 2nd, we concluded the seminar in the morning then traveled out to a very remote village to visit a new VCP.  The people where very welcoming and excited to share with us in a short worship service where I shared a brief devotional.

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Thursday, May 3rd, we meet with representatives of the new bible school to give consultation and advise on structure and curriculum as they begin to prepare to open the school. Later in the afternoon, we traveled to another remote VCP, and again enjoyed a wonderful welcome, short worship, and brief devotion.

Finally, Friday, May 4th, we traveled to Mwanza airport to return to Kenya.  it was a great opportunity to partner with others for the Kingdom of God.

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