Saying ” tuonane tena”


2018 has flown by, and now it is 2019.  What a whirlwind it has been from December 2018 to now, Feb. 2019.  Below is a summary of what has taken place.

In December we concluded the 2017 cohort at the Springs of Hope Free Methodist Bible School with final classes and then graduation.  It also concluded our time with Springs of Hope Free Methodist Bible School.  We believe the school will continue strongly with its renewed focus and system under the direction of Director Lillian Musigali and Chairperson Dr. Angela Savala.

We had to opportunity to join in the wedding of our friends Evans and Rebecca at the beginning of December, join with our University Bible Study one last time for study and fellowship, and finish the month with our friends Rev’s Martin and Zippora Amani on Christmas day worshiping with them and having a meal with their family.

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In January 2019 we began our time to wind down saying “tutaonane tena” (we will see you again) to all of our friends in Kenya and enjoyed our time with my Father, Rev. Tom Cahill, Sr. and our daughter, Katelyn Cahill as they came and visited with us for one week.  At the end of the month, we traveled to Geita, Tanzania to join in the opening celebration of Evart Bible College, a Free Methodist ministry for training leaders.


In February 2019 we traveled back to the United States, where we are staying with our son and daughter in law, James and Michelle Cahill, in Platteville, Wi.  We where meet with bitter cold and snow, snow, snow.  We also began partnership connections for our next journey in missions.

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