Pastor Conrad

Rev. Conrad E. Bitoye is the District Superintendent for the Geita District of Free Methodist College Tanzania (FMTC) as well as serving as the Director for the Evart Bible College of the FMCT.  He has a great heart and compassion for evangelism, discipleship, and leadership development.  He also oversees Village Church Planting for the Geita District. Below you will find his testimony.  Pray for Pastor Conrad and the ministry and work he is doing for God’s Kingdom.  He is married with children would you pray for them as well.

I was born on March 30th, 1969 in the small village of Nyashana in Nyamgana district of Mwanza Province. I was the third born out of 5 children. At age 18 my father died, and our family suddenly became very pore.  We had many problems and life was very hard for us.  I worried and did not know what to do.  One for the hardest things for me was I thought I had to stop studying at the Roman Catholic Seminary.  I had worked very to get good grades and my hope was to join the Godliness study in the future.

My parents believed in Ancestral worship as well as be Roman Catholic.  I was raised in both beliefs, the Catholic doctrine and ancestral beliefs.  My family’s life began to get more difficult and I passed my exams to move forward.  I did not have anyone to pay for my education and I thought I could find help by going to the small temples where the ancestral gods where worshiped.  I went to those places to offer some things as my parents did.  Many times, I prayed and talked to those temples, believing I could get the answers to my prayers if I did these things, but non came. Nothing I did brought peace to my troubled mind.

As time passed, I received a paper from my friend and began read it. The paper told me that Jesus Christ is the only one who will answer all my questions and help me from my problems.  I read some words from the Bible and they answered my questions.  I found that what I read in the Bible was true.  I asked my friend to ask a pastor to pray for me.  God touched my heart and Jesus changed my life at that day.  I started worshipping the only one and true God.

Gradually, the pastor taught me how to lead worship and preach. I enjoyed doing these, but later I learned to love the world of God.  I desired to know more and understand correctly.  I tried to attend different seminars and bible studies, including bible studies through post (mail).  Later I was selected to attend Bible College.  I grew and learned much more about God and ministry for Jesus.  I started working in evangelism and then became a pastor.  As I continue in His Kingdom work, God has continued to bless me through different ministries up to now.


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