Fatuma Asheli Selemani: New Bible College Student

Selamani and FatumaMeet Mrs. Fatuma Asheli Selemani: Fatuma is one of the first students to begin work at the new bible college in Geita, Tanzania.  There is an interesting connection we have with Fatuma.  Her husband became friends on FB with me a number of years ago. While Fatuma was pregnant Selemani contacted me to pray for her and the baby because there was complications and they where not sure if the baby or Fatuma would make it.  After the baby was born Selemani asked me to if they could name their daughter after my wife,Sherry.  Sherry agreed.  We had never meet Selemani, Fatuma, nor little Sherry until we visited in January 2019 for the opening of the school and Fatuma arrived as a student.  We where very grateful to meet her and look forward to meeting little Sherry, Selemani, and the rest of their family some some in the future when we go to Tanzania to help with the new Bible College called Evart Bible College.  Below is Fatuma’s testimony.

Was born on 1980 in Kigoma Tanzania, to a family of three children’s and I am second child. My life before I was saved and accept Jesus Christ as Lord and savior of my life was going to church, but I don’t know the importance and reason for going, I was just going in and out.

In 2005, I decided to accept Jesus as my lord and savior. after accepting Jesus as my Lord and savior, I decided to be baptized in water at Ujiji Kigoma Tanzania.

When I received Jesus Christ as my Lord, and savior of my life, I began to love the ministry very much and loved listening song of God very much, Love teaching the word of God to youth, children’s and women and here I saw my salvation begin to come slowly.

After receiving him and being baptized in water I realized my calling in the church. and after realizing my call I decided to ask for a chance to go to the Bible College study in Geita.

I care about business, agriculture, fish and I care about my world affairs.

I was married in the church UJIJI FMCT to Pastor Selemani Amos Mabanzo. I love teaching the word of God and prayer I thanks God for all I am doing well in my family, school and our church FMC Tanzania.

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