Our Family

Thom and Sherry are the parents of three wonderful children.  Jon is married to Jocelyn (2nd couple in from left). They live and work in New Hampshire. Katelyn (2nd in from right/front). She works and lives in Madison, Wisconsin.  James is married to Michelle (1st couple in from left). They live in Platteville, Wisconsin.15800531_10202454953370796_364368320506048669_o

Sherry has worked in many administrative roles over the years including office manager, administrative assistant, and assistant director. She also served as missionary president and in children’s ministry within the local church ministries. She holds a BS  in Christian Education from Olivet Nazarene University, an MA in Christian Management and Leadership from Trinity Theological Seminary, and currently working on a Doctorate in Theology with concentration in Management and Leadership Development.

Thom has worked in various roles in ministry.  He has served as lead pastor; Apollos Institute director; Coach/Mentor in theology, preaching, administration, and Christian education with the North Central Conference Free Methodist Church USA.  Other ministry assignments have included: associate pastor, lead pastor, executive director, and educator. He has served at Caribbean Nazarene College, Indiana Wesleyan University, Nazarene Bible College, Oakland City University, and Ohio Christian University as a lecturer or adjunct faculty. He holds a BA (Christian Education) from Eastern Nazarene College, MA (World Mission and Evangelism) from Asbury Theological Seminary, and Ph.D (dissertation candidate) in Pastoral Ministry from Trinity Theological Seminary.

Thom and Sherry will be moving from VISA to Extended Missionary career status with the Free Methodist World Missions, Free Methodist Church USA.  They work in leadership development and discipleship ministries. Since 2017 they worked in Kenya, Africa with the Free Methodist Church of Kenya. They anticipate upon their return to Africa partnering with Evart Bible College (EBC) with the Free Methodist Church of Tanzania.  EBC will open their doors on January  28, 2019 and hold their first session of classes. Thom and Sherry will serve primarily as Consultants in Academic and Administration roles as well as teaching.

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