Thanksgiving Thoughts

Psalm 103 is a powerful Psalm that provides a word picture for us where the psalmist is seen kneeling in adoration to bless God, congratulating Him, Exalting Him, and praising Him.  As we enter a specific focus in the US regarding thanksgiving, we should remind ourselves of this psalm.  First, we should give God boundless praise from the depths of our heart (1). Second, We should remember God’s goodness in our lives. Counting the blessings and beautiful benefits, He has provided (2-5). Third, we are reminded to recite the beautiful ways of the Lord (6-13). Fourth, we are thankful for God is merciful and gracious. The psalmist stresses God’s forgiveness (8-12). And the final thought of the psalmist is that God knows us.  He recognizes every part of who we are and desire to love us and call us His children (13-14).

We thank the Lord for all the bountiful blessings He has provided for us.  He has provided us, beautiful children and grandchildren. He has provided many friends and partners around the world who encourage us, pray for us, and provide the opportunity for us to answer our call that Christ has put within our hearts and serve Him and His kingdom.  We thank you for your prayers for the ministry in Africa and sacrificial giving so the work to pass on who God is to others so they can grow deeper in Him and pass that on to others.

May the Lord Bless you all and keep you close as you partner with Him for His Kingdom.

About US

Sherry and Thom serve as Career Missionaries with the Free Methodist Church USA. They currently are assigned to work with the Evart Bible College and the Tanzanian Free Methodist Church in Tanzania, Africa. They work in Leadership and Discipleship Ministries.

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