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  • Heading to Kenya

    Sherry and I want to thank you for prayer and financial partnerships over the past year and the coming two years as we seek to follow God’s calling on our lives and partner with our brothers and sisters in Kenya.  With our current funds raised along with the commitments made for 2017 that enable us…

  • Hearing God’s Call

    A story of Peter Erot from Kenya, Africa Peter Erot heard God’s call on his life.   He states, “I was a really bad person. I was arrogant and could not hear anything from any other person who corrected my mistakes.” Peter recalls that he used to fight others and attend places which were not conducive…

  • 3E – Enable * Empower * Employ

    Connect with God’s Heart for the World Source: 3E – Enable * Empower * Employ

  • The Fireplace

    There is something about the fireplace, especially during Christmas time. The ambiance, smell (if you are burning wood), colors and dancing of the flames seems to provide a place for relaxation, contemplation and understanding. May be I am just silly, but when I become frustrated, sad, or overwhelmed being able to sit in front of…

  • Welcome

    Connect with God’s Heart for the World Source: Welcome