Evart Bible College

Evart Bible College (EBC) opened its doors on January 21, 2019 with 18 students.  The college seeks to provide pastoral leadership training for the Free Methodist Church of Tanzania as well as others outside the FMCT.  The program is designed in a modular educational format where students attend three times a year for four weeks each time over two years.  They will complete three class at each module with 30 hours of learning for each class.  Upon completion of the program the student will earn a certificate in pastoral ministry.

Scholarship Support


For Further Information

Rev. Conrad Bitoye currently serves as the Director of EBC as well as the District Superintendent of the Geita District in Tanzania.

The Needs:

  1. Financial support is needed as students nor the National District of the FMCT are able to support the full cost to run the programs year around.
  2. Computers for Offices (at least one)
  3. Library books
    1. general religious
    2. bible commentaries
    3. theology
    4. christian education
    5. others
  4.  Tables and chairs for the library
  5. Completion of outside campus
    1. Security wall
    2. Landscaping
    3. Other

Prayer Requests

  1. Wisdom for the school leaders and board
  2. Students as they learn and grow in wisdom and unity with each other
  3. Scholarship fund to help with students to be able to attend.
  4. Missionaries Thom and Sherry Cahill raising of support so they can start assignment in Tanzania with Evart Bible College
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