FAQ’s on Support

From time to time people ask how they can help provide financial support for our ministry.  Here are a few questions with answers.

  • Do you only accept support from Free Methodist Churches?
    • No, while Sherry and I are serving with the Free Methodist Church USA, we raise our own support. Our support can come from anywhere: any church, group, business, family or individual are very welcomed to partner with our ministry team.
  • Can we give monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually?
    • Yes, you can choose how you would like to submit financial partnerships. Many like to break their support down to smaller amounts so they give monthly. But there are options on how you can submit your support, whatever works best for you. 
  • If our church already supports missionaries in the budget but they want to help in some way what can they do?
    • We have had churches, groups, and families do some type of fundraisers to give a special offering to help support us.
  • What types of fund raises can we do?
    • Here are a few ideas:
      • Car wash
      • Yard sale
      • Bakery sale
      • Coin Jar
      • Pizza sale
      • If you go out to eat regularly take one day you would normally go out to eat weekly/monthly and put that aside in a jar. Some families with children do this and it helps teach them about missions for God’s Kingdom when it is explained to the children why they are not going out to eat that night.
      • Make items to sell: crafts, etc.
    • Are the financial gifts tax deductible?
      • Yes, when you donate to our account with the Free Methodist Church World Missions it meets the IRS giving requirements or through your locate church if they support our ministry.
    • How do we give to your ministry?
      • You can donate online by clicking here.
      • You can also send a check to FMWM, 770 N. High School Rd. Indianapolis, In 46214. Make sure our account number in the memo line: VIKEcahill. Please do not put our name, IRS requires the account number.