The Call

Sherry’s Testimony

Growing up in the church, I knew what it meant to be a Christian, but I did not personally experience God until I was thirteen years old.  At this age, I heard a missionary from Africa speak about God’s calling on your life, and the need to be right with Him.  I prayed that night and received Christ into my heart.  God had been speaking to me for some about giving my life to Him.  I remember standing up at the altar of the church after I prayed, and I stated, “God wants me to be a missionary.” God impressed on my heart to go be His servant abroad.  This impression and call on my life have continued to dominate my mind and spirit over the years. When I was seventeen, I realized God had been prodding me to take our relationship a step further and consecrate my all to Him.  So I did exactly that, fully surrendered my life to Him.   I prepared for ministry and all through college and in the following years, I became involved in various ministries.  All the while, God was molding me in His image and drawing me closer to Him.  Each day the Lord continues to renew my spirit as I spend time with Him in the Word, pray, and continue to minister in my community. This call is as real today as it was that night standing there at the altar. I look forward to serving Him in Kenya in the coming days.

Thom’s Testimony.

At the age of 10, I accepted Christ as my savior under my father’s preaching.  I have continued to seek spiritual growth over the years.  At 17, God laid upon my heart the need to surrender to him and his calling upon my life.  While in college, I sensed a call to work in an intercultural context.  I began to pursue preparation to serve through work and witness trips, and study Intercultural Studies.  I attended Asbury Theological Seminary and worked as a TA in the E. Stanley Jones School World Mission and Evangelism, where I engage in many intercultural opportunities.  Over the years, I have worked inter-culturally in various capacities in ministry.   While working on my dissertation for a PhD. in Pastoral Ministry, God began to lay upon my heart the desire to minister full-time in Africa to help those called into ministry to learn and grow in their understanding and knowledge of God’s Kingdom and leadership.

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