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Thom and Sherry serve as Missionaries with the Free Methodist Church USA.  Their mission is a faith-based, self-supporting ministry through prayer and financial partnership with churches, organizations, groups, and family/individuals.

They work in leadership development and discipleship ministries in East Africa.


According to Pew Researchislam fasted growing rate by 2050 Islam will be the largest religion and is currently the fastest growing religion.

It is important for the Christian church will develop pastors well in order to develop their congregations well so together the church will learn to evangelize and disciple well, we could see a reversal in this research.

In an article by Ramesh Richard entitled Training of Pastors, Richard’s states the are 2.2 million ministers in the world (some estimates more) with only 5% of them have been trained for pastoral ministry. This leaves approximately 2 million pastoral leaders who need immediate strengthening for their pastoral ministry.

According to Africa Leadership and Equipping Church Leaders – East Africa, 90-95% of all African Church leaders have no (or very little) formal pastoral training. 



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