Better Together
Dear Partners in Ministry,

We want to thank you for your continued prayer and support during our transition; you are greatly loved and appreciated. We have continued to pray and seek God’s guidance for His wisdom and direction to our future ministry for His Kingdom. We sense God’s continued calling to serve in global missions and leadership development. We have accepted an invitation to join the Free Methodist World Missions Asia team. The team’s vision is to reach 1 million Asians for Jesus. For that to happen, 10,000 national leaders need to be raised up.  It is a great vision and one that can only happen with God in the center and faithful people answering His call. We anticipate deployment to Chiang Mai, Thailand early next year or sooner if possible. We invite you to continue to partner with us for the glory of God’s Kingdom.

If you have a recurring donation set up everything will transfer without you needing to do a thing. If you are looking for our information on the FMWM website, you will soon see that transferred to the Asia section of the website, but our URL will remain unchanged.

If you give without having set up a recurring donation, just continue to follow the link on the menu of missionaries on the give site at http://give.fmcusa.org.
In His Service,
Thom & Sherry Cahill

Our Ministry is 100% Faith-based and your contribution is tax deductible

In an article by Dr. Ramesh Richard, Professor of Global Theological Engagement and Pastoral Ministries at Dallas Theological Seminary, entitled Training of Pastors, Richard’s states there are 2.2 million ministers in the world (some estimates more) with only 5% of them have been trained for pastoral ministry. This leaves approximately 2 million pastoral leaders who need immediate strengthening for their pastoral ministry.

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