About US

Thom and Sherry are the parents of three wonderful children and two grandchildren.

Jon is married to Jocelyn and have one child.

Katelyn is married to Daniel.

James is married to Michelle with one child.

Sherry has worked in many administrative roles, including office manager, executive assistant, and assistant director. She also served as a missionary president in women’s and children’s ministries within the local church ministries. She holds a B.S. in Christian Education, an M.A. in Christian Management and Leadership, and a D.Th. in Christian Management and Leadership Development with High Distinction.

Thom has worked in various roles in ministry. He has served as lead pastor, Apollos Institute director, and Coach/Mentor in theology, preaching, administration, and Christian education with the North Central Conference Free Methodist Church USA.   Other ministry assignments have included: associate pastor, lead pastor, executive director, and educator. He served as a lecturer or adjunct faculty at Caribbean Nazarene College, Indiana Wesleyan University, Nazarene Bible College, Oakland City University, and Ohio Christian University. He holds a B.A. in Christian Education, M.A. in World Mission and Evangelism, and Ph.D. in Pastoral Ministry. Dissertation Title: An Analysis and Evaluation of Ministerial Leadership Development in the Context of the Kenyan Free Methodist Church.

Thom and Sherry serve as missionaries with the Free Methodist World Missions, Free Methodist Church USA. They work in Spiritual Formation and Leadership Development.


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