Hearing God’s Call

A story of Peter Erot from Kenya, Africa

Peter Erot heard God’s call on his life.   He states, “I was a really bad person. I was arrogant and could not hear anything from any other person who corrected my mistakes.” Peter recalls that he used to fight others and attend places which were not conducive to a Christian lifestyle.  “I was rude, proud, and I used to brag on myself a lot.”  Although he found a church to attend when he was twelve years old, he openly received Christ in his heart a few years later.  Peter shared his struggle when he states, “I prayed so much to God so that He could not shame me.”  As he began to share his testimony with his former friends, he notes “they could not believe, instead they started mocking me saying that it was only words. The good thing is that the more I prayed hard, the more my faith was strengthened.”  In 1994 Peter heard the call of God to evangelization.  He states, “I started preaching…and many people were saved.”  He shares his words of appreciation for Spring of Hope Bible School which impacted his ministry, “I am also grateful for the chance that God gave me when I joined Spring of Hope Bible School. This is a place where I have learned a lot of things which I could not have learned without our teacher’s guidance.”

Since Peter responded to the call of God, he evangelizes his community but has passion for others to follow God’s call.  He hopes the Bible School becomes a place where people can earn not only a Diploma, but a Master’s Degree.  He writes, “Our teachers provide education to us so we can grow both spiritually and mentally.” Peter’s prayer is that God will continue to bless the Bible School and many lives will be changed.

Will you join us in praying for Peter as he continues to prepare for ministry and reaches his world for Christ?







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